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The 7 Holiday-Themed Employee Perk Ideas to them Happy During the Holiday Seasons

Dec 18, 2017 1:46:26 PM / by Jason Lavender

We’ve all been there. Holiday shopping for friends, family and co-workers can be challenging. What mom likes is different from what little Timmy wants, which is again different from that new gadget your boss can’t stop talking about. Gifts also depend on the holiday: Birthday’s, Christmas, Anniversary’s, Valentine’s Day, the list goes on and on…

Holiday shopping for everyone is a bit like selecting perks for your wide range of employees. Finding holiday-themed employee perk ideas can be difficult due to multiple generations, people living and working in different locations, and a whole bunch of personal interests and motivations outside of work. That's why we advocate using a Perks Matching Tool to get the right mix of perks that your employees will love.

As we all gear up for the holidays, here are 7 holiday-themed employee perk ideas that could lead to improved employee happiness that you should consider:
  1. Cooking classes – for your employees who are hosting friends and family, what better way to learn a new dish than to bring a chef onsite! Especially near Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving holidays.
  2. New pet gift – the holidays are often a time when families expand to include four-legged friends providing a new pet gift in your pet-friendly workplace is a low cost, but meaningful way to engage with your employees
  3. Concierge dry cleaning services – with all the holiday parties to attend and errands to run, dry cleaning those fancy dresses and holidays bests can be a huge time saver for employees
  4. External education classes – holidays can often remind us of breaks in school, which in turn can give some employees the “go back to school bug” – subsidizing low cost, external education classes can go a long way
  5. Wellness merchandise – many of us make resolutions to stay active and eat better after a holiday, so why not provide employees with tools, equipment, or wearable devices to make it exciting to stay in shape
  6. Tax prep services – with the dreaded April 15 tax deadline looming, providing tax prep support for your employees is a quick and easy way to improve their work-life balance and peace of mind
  7. Mobile devices – everyone is talking about that new iPhone, including your employees! Maybe it’s time to subsidize a new business phone to lower their monthly out of pocket cost!
Improving the employee experience with holiday-themed employee perk ideas is a priority more than ever for these days and these are just 7 out of a total of 150 perks that we have detailed to improve the employee experience.

What perks are best for my unique organization?

To find out we have built a custom “Perks Matching Tool” where you answer questions about your workforce and strategic goals, then the tool provides a custom match ranking the best perks for your company!

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Jason Lavender

Written by Jason Lavender

Health Imagination Lead, North America, Willis Towers Watson Jason and the Health Imagination team are responsible for client innovation within the firm's Health & Benefits practice. Innovation can mean a variety of things, including facilitating ideation sessions, assessing emerging technology, and improving the consumer experience. Outside of work, Jason performs improv comedy and plays in a baseball league with no gloves.