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How New Technology is Re-energizing Employee surveys, including Employee Engagement Pulse Surveys

Sep 17, 2018 1:42:00 PM / by The HR Trove by Willis Towers Watson


More than ever before, companies are turning to employee engagement pulse surveys for employee feedback and, empowered by new technology, they are soliciting it more often and on more topics than ever. No longer requiring support from specialists, they are keeping their costs low and their options open.

Retail bank going through a big change is tracking how employees feel on a regular basis

ProblemThis bank used to run a big employee survey every 2 years, which provided rich data, but became irrelevant quickly as major changes to their business were introduced.
Solution: They now survey employees every 3 months using questions that address the ongoing changes as well as conducting employee engagement pulse surveys.
Result: Leaders have access to timely feedback that enables them to revise their approach and fix emerging issues before they become widespread.

Merging pharmaceutical companies inform their integration efforts with real-time employee input

Problem: The fast pace of an M&A integration makes it very difficult to take employee perspectives into account for the multitude of important decisions being made, yet doing so is especially vital during this sensitive time. 
Solution: A 20-question “merger monitor” survey is deployed repeatedly throughout the integration process, with shifting content to focus on immediate issues, and provide leaders with timely insights.
Result: Company leaders better understand which messages are resonating, where more information/follow-up is needed, and what unique concerns employees have, enabling them to take targeted action and ensure integration success.

Retailer wants to be more flexible when collecting employee feedback

Problem: The retailer had a modest budget that needed to accommodate frequent and flexible employee opinion surveys, as well as the option to understand why employees join and leave the company.  
Solution: Instead of relying on a third-party to run their surveys, an internal team took charge and, using Willis Towers Watson Pulse Software, are able to handle all survey-related needs efficiently and at a fixed cost.
Result: A reliable and high quality solution that informed this company’s efforts in becoming a great place to work.

Willis Towers Watson Pulse Software requires very little training and comes with hundreds of benchmarked questions and over a dozen ready-made survey templates on a wide range of topics. Schedule a demo today with our employee engagement pulse survey software or comment below!


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