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Hello Human Resources! You Have a Problem.

Jan 2, 2018 12:34:12 PM / by The HR Trove by Willis Towers Watson

Does this sound familiar?

Each day you show up at work with good intentions of making great progress on key initiatives. Only to face the reality of getting bogged down in the details of the day to day.

  • It’s Bob calling, and he can’t find his paycheck (again).
  • Next up is Susie, she wants to know more about her PTO balance and if she can roll it over next year. And yes, you explained the policy to her last week.
  • You are supposed to be welcoming Jim, the new hire, so he knows what to do on his first day.
  • But you are bogged down with Jorge who still can’t seem to understand what benefits your company offers so he can enroll.
  • And finally, here comes Laura knocking at your door. She’s a people manager and is wondering how she can log into the performance review system, even though you have emailed her the instructions twice over the past week.
  • Just when you think it is safe to go get a cup of coffee, Sierra isn’t feeling well and wants to know what doctors are in-network for her medical plan.
  • And before you can make an escape for that break, a phone call comes in from Vijay who is a contract worker and he wants to know what days the office is closed.

Is your head spinning yet? You bet it is! And you haven’t even gotten to lunch.

You are a smart person. You know what the cause of these issues are, but you may not have a solution. Your employees do not have a centralized human resources portal to go for everything HR. Well, other than calling you that is!

Quick answers and easy access should be a stress free experience for both you and your employees. Imagine if you had a way to:

  • Provide a centralized place for a single source of access to “everything HR” in a modern, engaging and personalized way for your employees that could be accessed anywhere, anytime, including mobile
  • Create and share content that educates and informs your workforce about HR-related information
  • Deliver seamless access to other tools, sites and transactional systems such as human resources, benefits and payroll

The good news is that it exists…

A human resources portal can help you!

0000437_willis-towers-watson-hr-portal-express-software.pngDesigned with you in mind, Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Express Software is a human resources portal built for employees and HR practitioners of mid-sized organizations. It creates a centralized hub for HR communications for employees as well as access to all HR information, such as payroll, benefits, or other vendor providers and tools such as those used by managers. With a human resources portal feature set selected specifically for the mid-sized organization, help is on with way!

Now, it’s been a long day. Just when you think you can slip out into the parking lot, its Susie again. She wants to know if she can take that PTO tomorrow, as she has had a rough day today. As you pull away, you think, tomorrow’s the day I’ll work on our new human resources communication strategy and solutions.

But first up on your to do list is to find out more about Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Express Software. We can help.


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Michelle Northey-Willis Towers Watson.jpegMichelle Northey, Global Product Leader, Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Express Software

With over 20 years of Human Capital Management (HCM) experience, Michelle has lead the creation of market-leading, award-winning software solutions spanning the wide domain of HCM including human resources, payroll, talent acquisition, talent management, health care reform and analytics.

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