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Hunger Pains, Fuzzy Brains: 4 Ways HR Pros Can Help

May 17, 2018 3:52:58 PM / by Elizabeth Byerly

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There's a saying in my family "[Name] is getting cranky. Pass the nuts." (And, yes, we have packets of nuts in purses and cars!) In today’s busy lives at work and at home, it’s easy to put off eating. But, low fuel can translate to being unproductive, potentially unsafe and simply unpleasant to be around.

This isn’t good for you or for the well-being of others. This is where HR pros can add tons of visible value!

Well-being is a HOT topic today in HR circles

Well-being matters to your workforce, productivity, and financial results. And it's no longer just about physical or financial well-being. Willis Towers Watson research shows Emotional and Social well-being are becoming more critical too. (Read more about this in Welcome to (employee) Well-being 3.0)

Employee Well-being

Make staying sharp easy for employees: 4 quick hits

Focusing on multiple facets of well-being is a lot to think about. Addressing some of the small things can help make a big difference to individuals, and in turn, can help increase your organization’s momentum toward a good well-being balance.

Raising awareness of fueling brains – and making it easy to do so – can make a positive impact without taking a lot of time and effort. Here’s four easy tactics HR pros can use:

  • Visual Cues: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Or as I like to say, “help them get it in a glance.” Place visual cues of healthy brain-fuel in break rooms or other strategic places. Purchase low-cost royalty-free images from stock photo sites such as StockSnap, print and post, or consider our Send Brain Drain Packing poster.
  • Local Partnerships: Work with your vending machine vendor or local snack shop proprietor to support your workforce with high-protein and low-sugar snack options for purchase. Promote this partnership internally to increase their sense of support and community.
  • Hands-on Learning: Bring in a local nutritionist or chef for periodic cooking demonstrations with an eye toward simple, healthy and quick. The session can fit into a 30-minute lunch hour or longer as time allows. Make sure you plan for reaching various work shifts as necessary.
  • Healthy Snack Days: Facilitate your own “healthy snack day” campaigns. Get started on this today by [downloading] our free starter kit with ready-made plans for three snack days. Depending on your workforce locations, you may need to identify a delivery service that can help to keep remote or offsite individuals feeling supported and socially connected, too. 

Dig Deeper and Find Out about the Health of Your Worksite

If you’re unsure of where you need to start overall, read How Healthy is My Worksite written by Eddie Gammill, Ph.D, RN (one of my favorite “know it alls” – in a superb way).

It just dawned on me that I am starving, so that’s it for now.

Happy snacking!

[crunch, crunch]

Elizabeth Byerly

Written by Elizabeth Byerly

Product Development Director, Communication, The HR Trove by Willis Towers Watson Elizabeth is a seasoned consultant now combining eCommerce, communication, change management and marketing for The HR Trove by Willis Towers Watson. With over 30 years of experience under her belt she has been helping others across industries maximize opportunities and solve problems with creativity, innovation and hard work. And, she’s had fun doing it!